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Bolzano is located in the state of Trentino-Alto Adige. Bolzano population is about 99,049 inhabitants and it represents 0.16% of the population of Trentino-Alto Adige.

On this page, you can calculate the roadmap from Bolzano to other destinations. See also distances and routes between Bolzano and other cities and get information such as travel time and estimated fuel cost.

Address, Place, City, ...

Address, Place, City, ...

City :
State :
Trentino-Alto Adige
Time zone :
Population :
Average altitude :
257 m
Currency :
Telephon code :

Cities next to Bolzano

Distance Bolzano Verona Itinéraire Bolzano Verona 219,103 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Padova Itinéraire Bolzano Padova 203,725 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Brescia Itinéraire Bolzano Brescia 184,826 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Mestre Itinéraire Bolzano Mestre 147,662 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Vicenza Itinéraire Bolzano Vicenza 107,129 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Trento Itinéraire Bolzano Trento 80,425 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Treviso Itinéraire Bolzano Treviso 77,604 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Cremona Itinéraire Bolzano Cremona 59,561 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Venice Itinéraire Bolzano Venice 51,298 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Pordenone Itinéraire Bolzano Pordenone 49,878 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Chioggia Itinéraire Bolzano Chioggia 41,897 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Rovigo Itinéraire Bolzano Rovigo 39,347 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Mantova Itinéraire Bolzano Mantova 39,260 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Bassano del Grappa Itinéraire Bolzano Bassano del Grappa 38,224 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Rovereto Itinéraire Bolzano Rovereto 34,152 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Schio Itinéraire Bolzano Schio 33,740 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Merano Itinéraire Bolzano Merano 33,453 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Mira Taglio Itinéraire Bolzano Mira Taglio 32,881 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano San Donà di Piave Itinéraire Bolzano San Donà di Piave 32,819 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Conegliano Itinéraire Bolzano Conegliano 30,765 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Montebelluna Itinéraire Bolzano Montebelluna 26,670 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Castelfranco Veneto Itinéraire Bolzano Castelfranco Veneto 25,545 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Belluno Itinéraire Bolzano Belluno 25,064 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Vittorio Veneto Itinéraire Bolzano Vittorio Veneto 24,789 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Lumezzane Itinéraire Bolzano Lumezzane 23,712 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Spinea-Orgnano Itinéraire Bolzano Spinea-Orgnano 23,710 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano San Sebastiano Itinéraire Bolzano San Sebastiano 23,228 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Desenzano del Garda Itinéraire Bolzano Desenzano del Garda 22,665 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Valdagno Itinéraire Bolzano Valdagno 22,555 inhabitants
Distance Bolzano Mogliano Veneto Itinéraire Bolzano Mogliano Veneto 21,991 inhabitants

Alternate names : BZO, Bal'cana, Bauzanum, Bocen, Bocenas, Boceno, Bol'cano, Bolcano, Bolcāno, Bolzan, Bolzano, Bolzanu, Bolzán, Bozen, Bozen-Bolzano, Bozn, Bulsaun, Buzzanu, Mpoltzano, bo er cha nuo, borutsu~ano, bwlznw, Μπολτζάνο, Бальцана, Болцано, Больцано, Боцен, בולצנו, ボルツァーノ, 波尔查诺

Airports near Bolzano

Bolzano AirportBolzano4 km
Trento-Mattarello AirportTrento55 km
Vicenza AirportVicenza103 km
Istrana AirportIstrana106 km
Aviano Air BaseAviano109 km

Hotels around Bolzano

Parkhotel Luna Mondschein

Adresse :
Parkhotel Luna Mondschein
Piave 15
39100 Bolzano
Start your day with breakfast in the beautiful garden which surrounds this hotel, set in a tranquil yet central location, a short walk from the historic centre. The family-run Parkhotel Luna Mondschein has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Localised 1.73 km from Bolzano center.

Hotel Stiegl Scala

Adresse :
Hotel Stiegl Scala
Brennerstrasse 11
39100 Bolzano
Hotel Stiegl Scala is a perfect mix of old-world charm and modern design, close to Bolzano Station. Dating back to 1898, the hotel boasts a beautiful garden with a seasonal swimming pool. Localised 2.09 km from Bolzano center.

Business Resort Parkhotel Werth

Adresse :
Business Resort Parkhotel Werth
Maso della Pieve 19
39100 Bolzano
Business Resort Parkhotel Werth offers a peaceful, green location, just 10 minutes' drive from Bolzano town centre, and even closer to the trade fair. The hotel features wellness facilities and free Wi-Fi. Localised 2.78 km from Bolzano center.

Gardenhotel Premstaller

Adresse :
Gardenhotel Premstaller
Sigmundskronerstrasse 27/B
39100 Bolzano
What are the perfect ingredients of a pleasant stay in Bolzano? Comfortable accommodation, relaxing premises and good food probably do the trick. The Gardenhotel Premstaller has them all. Localised 3.05 km from Bolzano center.