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Italia States

Abruzzo1,338,898 inhabitants
Basilicata588,879 inhabitants
Calabria2,009,330 inhabitants
Campania5,824,662 inhabitants
Emilia-Romagna4,395,569 inhabitants
Friuli Venezia Giulia1,234,079 inhabitants
Lazio5,681,868 inhabitants
Liguria1,615,986 inhabitants
Lombardia9,826,141 inhabitants
Marche1,559,542 inhabitants
Molise320,229 inhabitants
Piemonte4,446,230 inhabitants
Puglia4,084,035 inhabitants
Sardegna1,672,404 inhabitants
Sicilia5,042,992 inhabitants
Toscana3,730,130 inhabitants
Trentino-Alto Adige1,028,260 inhabitants
Umbria900,790 inhabitants
Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta127,866 inhabitants
Veneto4,912,438 inhabitants

Italia largest cities

CitiesPopulationsDistance from Rome
Rome2,318,895 inhabitants0 km
Milan1,236,837 inhabitants479 km
Naples959,470 inhabitants187 km
Turin870,456 inhabitants526 km
Palermo648,260 inhabitants424 km
Genoa580,223 inhabitants403 km
Bologna366,133 inhabitants305 km
Florence349,296 inhabitants234 km
Catania290,927 inhabitants537 km
Bari277,387 inhabitants372 km
Messina219,948 inhabitants486 km
Verona219,103 inhabitants413 km
Padova203,725 inhabitants395 km
Trieste187,056 inhabitants430 km
Brescia184,826 inhabitants446 km
Prato181,820 inhabitants250 km
Taranto181,082 inhabitants427 km
Reggio Calabria169,140 inhabitants499 km
Modena158,886 inhabitants333 km
Livorno153,773 inhabitants256 km
Cagliari149,257 inhabitants412 km
Mestre147,662 inhabitants401 km
Parma146,299 inhabitants369 km
Foggia137,032 inhabitants257 km
Reggio nell'Emilia133,296 inhabitants348 km
Acilia-Castel Fusano-Ostia Antica129,362 inhabitants21 km
Salerno125,797 inhabitants234 km
Perugia120,137 inhabitants136 km
Monza119,618 inhabitants486 km
Rimini118,673 inhabitants241 km
Pescara116,596 inhabitants153 km
Bergamo114,162 inhabitants481 km
Vicenza107,129 inhabitants414 km
Bolzano99,049 inhabitants520 km
Andria98,342 inhabitants324 km
Udine97,761 inhabitants469 km
Siracusa97,472 inhabitants587 km
Terni97,050 inhabitants76 km
Forlì93,638 inhabitants262 km
Novara93,295 inhabitants505 km
Barletta93,279 inhabitants320 km
Piacenza93,228 inhabitants419 km
Ferrara92,802 inhabitants336 km
Sassari91,895 inhabitants355 km
Ancona89,994 inhabitants206 km
La Spezia88,491 inhabitants329 km
Torre del Greco85,897 inhabitants198 km
Como81,975 inhabitants515 km
Lucca81,748 inhabitants272 km
Ravenna80,868 inhabitants282 km
Lecce80,695 inhabitants504 km
Trento80,425 inhabitants478 km
Giugliano in Campania80,269 inhabitants177 km
Busto Arsizio79,519 inhabitants508 km
Lido di Ostia79,400 inhabitants26 km
Cesena79,398 inhabitants251 km
Catanzaro78,970 inhabitants482 km
Brindisi78,548 inhabitants475 km
Marsala77,915 inhabitants456 km
Treviso77,604 inhabitants421 km
Pesaro77,241 inhabitants227 km
Pisa77,007 inhabitants266 km
Varese76,851 inhabitants528 km
Sesto San Giovanni76,509 inhabitants484 km
Arezzo76,346 inhabitants182 km
Latina76,305 inhabitants58 km
Gela73,854 inhabitants557 km
Pistoia73,832 inhabitants261 km
Caserta72,844 inhabitants177 km
Cinisello Balsamo71,109 inhabitants487 km
Lamezia Terme70,501 inhabitants458 km
Altamura67,821 inhabitants358 km
Guidonia Montecelio67,516 inhabitants21 km
Quartu Sant'Elena66,620 inhabitants405 km
Pavia65,734 inhabitants456 km
Castellammare di Stabia65,730 inhabitants212 km
Massa64,783 inhabitants307 km
Alessandria64,178 inhabitants461 km
Cosenza63,852 inhabitants428 km
Afragola62,775 inhabitants185 km
Ragusa61,380 inhabitants585 km
Asti61,254 inhabitants483 km
Grosseto60,922 inhabitants151 km
Cremona59,561 inhabitants413 km
Molfetta59,557 inhabitants349 km
Trapani58,681 inhabitants431 km
Carrara58,666 inhabitants313 km
Casoria58,456 inhabitants185 km
Savona58,283 inhabitants424 km
Vigevano57,970 inhabitants482 km
Legnano57,589 inhabitants504 km
Caltanissetta56,715 inhabitants508 km
Potenza56,433 inhabitants309 km
Portici55,765 inhabitants194 km
Nicastro-Sambiase55,687 inhabitants458 km
Matera54,891 inhabitants369 km
San Severo54,880 inhabitants239 km
Cerignola54,056 inhabitants290 km
Trani53,981 inhabitants332 km
Bisceglie53,648 inhabitants340 km

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Italia administrative levels

Administrative nameLevelTotal
Regioni Autonome (Autonomous Regions) Level 15
Regioni (Regions) Level 115
Provinces Level 2110
Comuni (Communes) Level 38092